What we do

We are an IoT startup focusing on innovation in sports. We enable coaches with data and analytics that can be used to personalize their training methods for every individual.

IoT Devices

IoT has changed the way people interact with computing devices. Genio builds IoT devices that have the ability to gather data and transfer the data without the need of computer interaction. Mobile Apps control the devices eliminating the need for expensive computing devices.

Focus on fitness

Tracking of fitness related metrics is essential as it helps sportsmen identify their shortcomings and then work on improving them. Genio products focus on fitness metric measurement and provide real time actionable data.

Sports Agnostic Devices

Devices built by Genio can be used for training in any sport. The devices can be used for training in any sport. The devices can be used to measure various metrics like speed, agility, distances covered, etc.

Configurable Devices

The devices built by Genio are easily configurable using Mobile Apps. The need for complicated installation procedures is eliminated. Individuals can focus on what they need to do, TRAIN!