An advanced product from Genio is the Agility Trainer. The product improves the fitness and reaction time of players. The product has one main unit and 6-8 satellites. The product can be configured using a Mobile App for different modes. Based on the mode chosen lights glow on the main device and the player is required to strike the switch on the satellite. The light turns off on the main unit and the reaction time is captured. This drill can be performed continuously and the the data can be tracked and stored. For more information contact us at

Shadow Trainer

One of the most important drills that is required to improve one’s badminton game is the Shadow Training drill. In regular Shadow training, the coach usually points in one of the directions and the player is required to move in that direction. This improves movement, fitness and footwork. Shadow training requires the support of an additional person to point in the direction of the mid-court, back-court and other directions. The Shadow Trainer from Genio mimics the actions of the coach/ partner. The main unit can be placed in the middle of the court or hung on the net using hooks. The light lights up randomly on the main unit and the player moves in the direction of the light. The lights randomly light up thus improving the footwork and fitness.